Espro Press 8 oz Precision Coffee Brewer

$ 89.95

Espro Press

Espro Press makes a clean cup designed to fully express each coffee. What sets this press apart from others is its ability to remove grounds while preserving the aromas and flavors of the coffee. It does this with its double filter design. The specially designed fine mesh metal filter allows the coffee oils to pass through while filtering out the grounds. The double silicon gasket surrounding the filter is tight against the inner wall to prevent any grounds from passing by.

The filter is fine enough that espro says extraction will stop once the plunger is pressed down. The result is one of the cleanest cups of coffee from a press with all the aromatics and flavor oils still present.

The Espro Press also looks beautiful with a polished mirror stainless steel finish, and it's built to last. The stainless steel handle is brazed on. There is a completely smooth finish on this product. You will not find any rough edges where the outer and inner wall meet nor where the seem is.


  • Double stainless steel wall insulation
  • Unique double mesh filter
  • Capacity: about 8 ounces of coffee per serving

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