Izzo Alex Duetto II-20

$ 2,495.00

The Alex Duetto II is a dual boiler E61 group espresso machine with built in PID temperature control. Large copper coffee and steam boilers controlled by PID create optimal temperature stability for pulling consistent shot after shot of espresso. The Duetto II is manufactured in Boscoreale, Italy by Izzo Caffe.


A dual boiler machine like the Duetto II allows the barista to simultaneously pull shots and steam milk. Even if you're not simultaneously pulling shots and steaming milk, you wont have to wait for the boiler to heat up or cool down.

The dual boiler configuration is perfect for making a mix of straight and milk espresso drinks.


The Izzo Alex Duetto II was specifically built with the no fuss serious home barista in mind. The Duetto II has a massive E61 group head with lever action. The group is both beautiful to look at and simple to service.

Quiet operation of the Duetto II is a standout feature. Careful planning went into the design and layout of the internal parts to avoid noisy vibrations. The outer case is securely fastened to the frame and the heavy gauge copper boilers and tubing are positioned to avoid noisy contact with other parts. The rotary pump in the Duetto II in comparison to vibration pumps runs much quieter.

The outer case and frame is made with heavy gauge stainless steel to protect against rust when contacted with water. The mirror polish and elegant curves of the outer shell are beautiful to look at. The case of the Duetto II is double walled and therefore cool to the touch. Outer cases on machines without this feature get very hot.

Keep your demitasses and cappuccino cups warm and ready to serve by storing them on the cup warmer on top of the machine.

The massive drip tray holds up to 50 ounces of water, so you wont be going back and forth to the sink dumping water. The stainless steel drip tray cover is designed so that water easily passes through and doesn't spill over all over your counter top.

If you're just making espresso, save energy by independently turning the steam boiler off with the black switch on the right side of the machine.

The articulating steam and hot water arms are double walled, so you can't accidentally burn yourself. If you're steaming milk, you have some extra time before the milk bakes on to wipe down the steam arm. For fast and simple milk frothing the Duetto II comes with a 4 hole 0.9 millimeter steam tip.

The group pressure gauge and steam pressure gauge allows you to make minor adjustments to the rotary pump or the temperature in the boiler.


You have control over the brew temperature and steam pressure with the PID. The quiet and reliable Solid State Relay provides quick quiet control over the heating element to keep the temperature in the boilers within 1 degree of your set temperature. In a home, 15amp, setting the heating elements will quickly switch on and off between the two boilers with no noticeable loss in temperature. The group boiler is always given precedence. The PID has a Programmable Offset Differential, which means that the temperature displayed on the PID is the temperature coming out of the E61 group, not the the temperature in the boiler. The advantage to this is that you know exactly what temperature you're brewing your coffee at. You wont have to account for the temperature loss between the boiler and the E61 group.


The Alex Duetto II comes fully equipped for a plumbed in set up. All you need to do is install the included water line directly into the machine and switch the water valve over to the plumbed in setting. You may also install the drain kit into the drip tray.


  • 110 volt 15 or 20 amp
  • 1.8 liter steam boiler with 1200 watt heater
  • 0.8 liter group boiler with 800 watt heater
  • Rotary Pump for quiet operation
  • Low water sensor cuts power to pump and heater so nothing burns out


  • Width 14.25"
  • Depth 16.5"
  • Height 15.75"
  • Weight 72 pounds