La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II

$ 1,995.00

The La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II is a dual boiler, semi automatic espresso machine. The Mini is a machine for a barista looking for an ultra user friendly design with the features of a professional, modern espresso machine. This barista loves pulling straight shots of espresso and also indulges in a sweet cappuccino. The comparatively small steam boiler with the over sized heater makes for some high performance steaming. The Mini plows through steam jobs, so making milk drinks is a breeze. The Mini is a water tank version of the original Vivaldi II and thus cannot be plumbed in. When you're only pulling shots before the days adventure, save some power by independently turning the steam boiler off. The Mini Vivaldi II by La Spaziale is available in our Los Angeles showroom.

15 or 20 Amps?

This may seem complicated, but it is actually very simple. The Mini Vivaldi II may be switched between 15 or 20 amps. Choose the 15 amp option if you are planning on plugging it into a standard 15 amp electrical outlet (we'll add the 15 amp converter cord, so you may plug the machine into a standard 15 amp outlet). Choose 20 amps if you plan on plugging it into a 20 amp outlet, and we will not add a 15 amp converter cord. There is no difference performance wise between the 15 and 20 amp setting. In 15 amp mode, coffee and steam heaters cannot be on simultaneously, but in 20 amp mode, they may. You may switch between the two using the directions outlined in the manual


  • Quiet vibratory pump
  • Push button LED display
  • Programmable offset differential
  • Extreme temperature control, accuracy and stability
  • High steam performance - 4 hole .9 mm tip
  • Front accessible water tank
  • Volumetric dosing
  • Dual pressure gauge
  • UL, NSF, ETL approval


  • 1.2 liter steam boiler with 1250 watt heater
  • 0.45 liters group boiler with 800 watt heater
  • Two 53 millimeter portafilters, one single and one double
  • 3 liter water reservoir
  • 110 volts 15 amp or 20 amp


  • Depth 16.5"
  • Width 16.5"
  • Height 15.25"
  • Weight 62 pounds
  • Frothing Pitcher
  • Tamper
  • Coffeetool Group Brush
  • Cafiza Backflush Powder

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