VIMALA 4oz Organic, Non GMO Goats Milk Soap

$ 8.00

Custom scents, handmade and poured in LA. Soaps made using organic, cold pressed, pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Absolutely no filler oils used in the essential oils. 100% pure goats milk used in the soap for it’s moisturizing properties. Meant to restore and replenish your skin’s moisture. Goats milk is organic, non GMO and sourced from a Northern California Farm. Zero unnatural ingredients or chemicals used in production of the soaps. Ingredients never tested on animals. 100% KOSHER. 

To use with a loofa, washcloth, or on its own. We use goats milk because it’s the most nourishing and moisturizing for your skin. You will not need to use body wash and this soap at the same time. This soap lathers up really nicely and leaves your skin soft and clean.

If you want to use all the soaps in your bath or shower but don’t have room to store them, cut a small piece off each one (like slicing cheese) and use that while storing the larger, dry piece.

This soap sampler is a perfect birthday gift, housewarming gift, mothers day gift, even fathers day gift! All the scents are unisex and can be enjoyed by men and women. Pay only $1.70 an oz and get to try all the scents. These are full size soaps, not “testers”.

Scent Descriptions


Description: Tangerine & Clove. Need a little warm, uplifting, cheering up? Take this tangerine & clove bar into the shower and feel the comforts.


Description: Lavender. This is a wonderful scent to indulge in after a difficult day. It’s soothing, calming, relaxing and healing benefits make for a perfect before bed shower or bath companion.


Description: White Grapefruit. White grapefruit is that soap you grab between a tough workout and meeting friends for dinner. Something that’ll reboot your energies and leave you feeling refreshed.


Description: Sweet Basil. Earthy, herbaceous, spicy, and a little floral. If refresh and revital had a love child, CLARITY would be it. Creative, clear thoughts always come through in the shower, when you’re at your most relaxed state and in the moment. Enhance your shower or bath with clarity and feel refreshed and energized after.


Description: Lemon & Eucalyptus. This scent will strengthen and revitalize your senses. You can just give the bar a whiff and immediately feel it working. It’s a fresh, citrusy, and herbaceous scent.