Cups made of porous materials absorb odors and release smells that linger and impact the taste of your coffee. That's why Sttoke created the ceramic coated-mug. So you can sip your coffee (or tea) for hours on-the-go without compromising the taste. 

For the slow sippers, this cup will keep your coffee warm from the first to the last sip. For environmentalists, this cup will eliminate the need for disposable cups. For luxury lovers, you will get the luxurious feel drinking out of this cup. Every little detail was thought through from the design, to the features to the non slip bottom. For the commuter, this is cup is the perfect companion for your morning commute. It fits in your cup holder!

Feature Highlights

EXPERIENCE REAL COFFEE - The ceramic coating on the cup makes sure your coffee is free of that 'metallic taste' experienced with stainless steel travel mugs

SHATTERPROOF - The combination of a ceramic coating with food grade stainless steel keeps the cup shatterproof and the double wall insulation keeps your drink at the ideal temperature for longer (hot for 3 hours, cool for 6)

INTELLIGENT DESIGN - Made with both portability and comfort in mind, our cups feel natural in the hand and is paired with a lid which keeps the container sealed and secured.

 NEW FAVORITE COFFEE COMPANION - This cup will instantly become your new favorite coffee companion. It's aesthetically pleasing, stylish, chic AND functional.

COUPLES // GIFT BUYERS BEWARE - Do yourself a favor and just buy two. If you're buying for someone else you will want to steal this cup from them and if you're buying for yourself, this cup will immediately become the new household favorite.


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