Barista Lab Barista Towels are OUT OF STOCK!

Every barista should have a set of towels around when making coffee and espresso.

A barista towel makes it easy to dry the portafilter, wipe the milk off the steam wand, and do quick wipe downs of the counter or espresso machine. 

Barista Lab microfiber cloths work great on coffee equipment and other appliances. 


  • SCRATCH AND LINT FREE - Very soft (won't scratch stainless steel), lint free, and surprisingly absorbent for microfiber cloth.
  • EXTRA LARGE AND EXTRA THICK - Smaller than a dish towel but larger than most other barista towels. Our’s measure 16” x 16” and are the perfect size and thickness for all your barista needs. Plus we added a loop so you can hang between (or even during) uses. The quality feel will surprise you!
  • KEEPS COFFEE AREA CLEAN - Coffee and milk are messy! That’s why we made a 4 pack of black cleaning cloths. So you don’t have to worry about stains or about your nice towels looking like rags after a couple uses. Works perfect to keep the espresso machine and general coffee bar area clean and tidy.
  • STICKS TO COFFEE NOT YOUR HANDS - Microfiber cloths are great for cleaning coffee because coffee will cling to it but these are super soft to the touch so they won't feel dry in your hands.

One set comes with 4 black cloths. 

Barista Lab microfiber cloths are a 16" square.

Do not use dryer sheets when drying!

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