The Miele CM6310 is the only super automatic espresso machine that we carry, because we think it's the best one. It does everything all the other machines can do, but more efficiently and with better looks. So we won't waste your time or ours trying to sell you anything else.

Four User Profiles

You may have heard Miele's marketing language "Four Machines in One." Four user profiles is what they're talking about. Create a profile and adjust all the parameters of each drink and they're saved for that profile. You can create four of them. When we say parameters we mean beverage volume, strength, and brew temperature. 

Cup Warmer

If you'll be drinking out of ceramic cups, it's necessary to heat them before pouring your coffee into the cup or else the coffee will be too cold when you go for a drink. If you don't have a cup warmer the alternative is to use the hot water spout or warm water under under the faucet in the sink. Store your cups here and program the machine to turn on 30 minutes before you wake up, so your cups are warm for your cup of coffee in the morning.

LED Cup Lights

This may seem like a flashy not so big deal feature, but it looks way better than machines that don't have it. We could tell a difference.

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