Hand brewing coffee gives you ultimate control but it also increases chances for human error. That's why Fellow created the Stagg Kettle, which has a flow regulator built into its design. The smooth, consistent flow of the Stagg eliminates human error from a pouring kettle so you can enjoy a manual brew without going to coffee school.

Fellow Stagg Kettle is probably the best looking electric kettle to hit the kitchen scene. It's so attractive you won't mind leaving it on your counter between uses. While we personally think the slick, chic design is the best part of this kettle, read on for more details of how it can transform pour over coffee life forever. 

Highlight Features

  • SET AND FORGET TEMPERATURE - Staggs Temperature Control and PID lets you set and hold your desired brew temperature for up to 60 minutes. 
  • BUILT IN BREW TIMER - Nuf said.

Why We Love It

  • SEXY - It's definitely the best looking electric kettle on the market and there's not even a close 2nd. 
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN - Effortless, smooth. So easy you can (almost) brew in your sleep.

Product Challenges

This kettle seems to have one pouring mode and one pouring mode only. Meaning, it does one flow rate really well but not a lot of room to alter it. If heavy, inconsistent pours are what you're looking to avoid and want smooth and steady then this kettle is for you.

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