The majority of prosumer coffee grinders cater to the uber light roast crowds. That's why Fellow made the Ode Brew Grinder with its grinding capabilities that specifically cater to the darker roast lovers. So you can enjoy single dosing and manual brewing without clogging your grinder.

Feature Highlights

  • COMPACT - Finally an apartment-sized specialty grinder! This grinder is small spaces approved with its tiny footprint and will fit under any cabinet imaginable. 
  • QUICK AND QUIET - Live happy with others AND brew your coffee at the crack of dawn. You can have it all. The Ode really is quieter than most other grinders in its class and it's equipped with a speed motor.
  • SEXY - You see this word come up a lot when we talk about Fellow products. No argument there or oppositions when it comes to the aesthetics of their design. Guaranteed to up your kitchens coolness.
  • COMMERCIAL-STYLE DETAILS - We're cafe trained and used to working with commercial grinders so when we heard Fellow's Ode had flat burrs and grounds knocker, we were excited.

Why We Love It

We love it for all the reasons mentioned above in feature highlights. The grinder is small but sturdy and we even travel with it!

Product Challenges

The grinder generally falls short of expectations because it was supposed to perfectly eliminate a number of annoyances experienced by home coffee grinders (unrealistic expectations for a brand new product to begin with). One area worth mentioning is its grind consistency. Other grinders in its class seem to produce a more consistent grind. With that said, only the most refined pallets would be able to tell the difference. If you don't fall into that category then the "cool factor" points you'll get from friends far outweigh the cons of this grinder.

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