Did you know that just smelling coffee can wake you up?

“A group of scientists reported that simply inhaling the aroma of coffee can alter the activity of some genes in the brain, reducing the effects of sleep deprivation.”

But who couldn’t resist drinking that cup of coffee after indulging in it’s rich, warm aroma…right?

Woah, reading that made me crave for my home brewed coffee...

Don’t worry, soon enough you can enjoy your own coffee, Barista Lab style!

Let me just give you a whiff of the video to know what’s in store for you:

  • The truth about coffee that would blow your mind… (I bet you didn’t know about this)
  • Why coffee needs to “work hard” to taste great
  • The reason most grocery-bought “Dark Roast” coffee is actually low-quality (and know which coffee is high-quality)
  • Know the “sweet” spot of coffee
  • Find out your own coffee “ratio” (WARNING: Little math required)
  • And a bonus sixth aspect that would make it really easy for you to choose the best coffee

Watch out for the future emails containing the next part of our video series where we will fast-track your way from being an amateur coffee drinker to a pro barista by telling you the exact items that you need and the coffee that suits your personality. :)