You know what amazing thing I discover with my coffee adventures?

Seeing someone drink coffee for the first time and knowing her personality by looking at how she likes to brew coffee.

You see, there are different ways to brew coffee and you can relate it to someone’s personality.

In this 2nd and 3rd video of our 7-part series into the Secret World of Baristas and Coffee, you will learn:

  • The 4 items you need to be an instant Home Barista PRO
  • How to take on your own coffee adventure by choosing the brew method that fits your personality
  • The must-have long and skinny part you need if you choose the “American” brewing method
  • How to prepare the gritty cup of coffee for the “STRONG” Person

There’s a lot more in this two-three combo video I prepared for you to fast-track your coffee adventure.

Can’t wait for the next coffee adventure? Watch out for the next email where we will dive more deeper into the world of coffee. :)