The v60 Drip Decanter can become your all in one v60 dripper and decanter coffee set up. Tiffany does a video review on the newish Hario product. What we like: It's a filter and decanter all in one. The design is sleek and looks nice enough to put on your table and serve a group of friends for after dinner coffee. Don't like: We don't like that the v60 is plastic. We tested the temperature after brewing and the coffee temperature is lower when using the plastic vs. the ceramic. It's a bit awkward because you need to remove the dripper before you serve coffee. Have something ready to  place the wet dripper on or brew next to the sink and place it in the sink before serving. This is a great option for those who want to start brewing pour over coffee at home and want just one product. You may want to think about buying a goose neck kettle though to complement the v60 drip decanter. Check out the product and complementary products on our web shop: v60 Drip DecanterHario Buono Kettle, Hario Scale and Timer, v60 Filters