Starting a business from the ground up is one of the most challenging tasks a person or persons can do. Yet, becoming an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding accomplishments. 

We wanted to shed light on an inspirational story of how a group of friends and family found themselves with an opportunity that opened up their future to entrepreneurship that inevitably led them to success on many different levels.

This story is about average coffee drinkers that set out to do more in the world of coffee and share the benefits of cold brew to those around them, locally and internationally. 

What started out as a simple idea of creating a cold brew coffee with the best ingredients turned into a viable beverage that could be found alongside top competitors. 

Created in 2013, Outpost Cold Brew Coffee company started in a commercial kitchen and one by one attracted followers and customers. Spreading mostly on the West Coast from L.A. to San Francisco and even gaining popularity in the country of Norway. Outpost Cold Brew hit the market quickly through social media as one of the hottest new products. 

Later featured in a magazine - Lagom, Outpost made a splash in the beverage industry sweeping the coast one market place at a time. But as with many small businesses, Outpost faced market competitors, demand changes and production costs forcing owners to close the doors after several years of operation. Although no longer produced or distributed, Outpost made a considerable impact on the cold brew coffee industry by setting the standard for cold brewed coffee.

As any entrepreneur knows, business operations are challenging and time-consuming. The growth and development of any business takes great care, unwavering dedication, and continuous financial support. Even though Outpost is no longer on the shelves, many still remember its delicious taste, originality in labeling and bottling. 

Fortunately, you can hear the struggles and success of the cold brew company for yourself, and most of all, the achievements of one of the entrepreneurs that was there from the beginning.

Starting a business takes a great deal of courage, but once a person takes the first steps in entrepreneurship, most never look back. The knowledge that is gained from success and failures strengthens the character of those who try. It’s not easy to live the American Dream, but it is satisfying when you are able to look back on the achievements of small business ownership.  

Thank you Outpost for your delicious cold brew coffee and most of all courage to share with us a product that set the standard. 

To hear the full scope, check out this Podcast as Posh Inc. shares T’s True Story Podcast Story of Outpost Cold Brew!

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