To start off, we deal with a lot of coffee products, but none that are more searched for and widely misspelled than the Aeropress Coffee Maker. Which we understand. And who knows, in this day and age, a product’s name needs to stand out even if it might break the basic rules of grammar. But in this case, Aeropress is a name that describes the coffee maker perfectly. 

Invented in 2005, the Aeropress Coffee Maker is a portable easy to store coffee brewing system that can go anywhere. No larger than a 16 oz drinking glass, the Aeropress delivers a cup of coffee in just one minute. Load the coffee maker with a filter, coffee, and hot water then use downward pressure by your hand or arm and voila. The Aeropress produces a coffee that matches the concentration of a shot of espresso at a fraction of cost. 

More notably, compared to the press pot, Aeropress uses immersion and pressure to render a cup of coffee. But unlike the press pot, Aeropress makes a cleaner cup with zero grinds, and it is much easier to clean. Just screw off the end and press grinds right into the compost. Simple right?

Also, since the idea behind Aeropress is to use air pressure to extract the coffee flavor, it offers less acidity in each cup than other brewing systems. Which, as you know, makes up for one of the top searched brewing systems that we offer here at BartisaLab. 

As the world embraces the Aeropress into its kitchen, travel bag, or campsite, many still are in search of the correct spelling. As mentioned, the Aeropress uses air pressure to produce a cup of coffee, thus giving its spelling as AERO. Which the AERO prefix means something involving the air or atmosphere, flight, airplanes, or gas. So it is only fitting that inventor Alan Adler named it the Aeropress Coffee Maker

So when you decide to check out an Aeropress Coffee Maker for yourself, be sure to have aeronautics in mind as you shop. Even if the spelling is a little off, you can always find what you need with us at BartisaLab. 

To discover more about the Aeropress Coffee Maker, follow this link and hear it straight from Mr. Alan Adler himself.

Inventor Portrait: Alan Adler (AeroPress; Aerobie)

Here are some of the Aeropress spellings we have come across. Some of our favorites are the Arrowpress and Earopress. 

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