We're releasing a new product video review today. Yeah! Today we're talking about the new Hario Largo Tea Dripper, which is a new product from Hario. If you're familiar with the Hario v60 coffee dripper, this looks like Hario's version of the v60 for tea. You can place the Largo on a stand or directly over your cup and steep the tea leaves. Once the tea has steeped long enough you just release the valve and the tea flows quickly through the metal filter at the bottom of the Largo. We love it because it's easy to clean and drains very quickly. The filter and parts are simple and easy to disassemble for cleaning and the tea flows out through the filter very quickly to prevent the tea from over extracting.

The Largo In A Tea Shop

The Largo is also a pretty good solution for a tea shop to brew a bunch of different teas very quickly while still having a nice presentation for the customer. I think the Largo looks extra nice in a shop compared to other tea brewers because it's propped up making it very visible to a customer and helps keep the counter clean. I can imagine three or four largos sitting side by side brewing tea on a stand that can be visible from anywhere in the shop. Since it's clear and made out of glass, customers will be able to see the different teas brewing. It also works with the Hario stand and Hario's scale and timer, so you can weigh out the tea and water all in one system keeping the counter top looking clean and organized.